The burgul Kubba in yoghurt ( Labania )

Put 1 Kilo ( 4 cups ) of yoghurt (rob) in a medium size pot, and add to it ľ liter (1.5 cup ) of water, then put one full table spoon of corn starch and some salt as required, put the pot on the medium fire and stir the mixture continuously until it boils and becomes thick, then add the kubba (immediately after getting it out of the freezer) and reduce the fire, stir the mixture carefuly from time to time to avoid the kubba to stuck at the bottom of the pot, leave it cooking for (25-30) minutes, when itís ready, serve it in a deep dish and spray on it some dried mint leaves.


The burgul kubba (Tapsi) in the oven

Cut (3-4) pieces of eggplant (medium size) in rings, wash them, add some salt and leave them aside in the strainer for half an hour then fry them in oil,Slice the same quantity of green pepper, onion and tomato also in rings, line up the kubba in a tray with high edges ( immediately after getting it out of the freezer ), then lay on it layers of the eggplant, onion, pepper, tomato rings on top, in a separate pot prepare water with tomato paste, salt and 7-mixed spices as required add this mixture to the tray of the kubba and the vegetable layers such that would cover them and put the tray on medium fire or in the oven and leave it cooking on a medium temperature ( down fire only ) for about an hour, then add the fire from top also for some minutes until the top contents of the tray becomes redish, then serve in the same tray , also you can serve white rice as a side dish.